What Do Lego and Android Have In Common?

It’s been a while since I was in primary school, and naturally things have changed quite a bit since then. In what seems like a world apart, computer coding is now being tutored as a foundational skill that the children of the next generation will find vital the future job market.

Without a doubt, we are producing a generation of individuals who are highly tech savvy, which is perhaps why the popularity of open source software is becoming exponential. Put simply, open source software is “available for the general public to use and modify from its original design free of charge”. Which, as an iOS user my entire life, I found incredibly mesmerising.


Thanks to the internet, we are a generation who wants and demands more. Freedom, flexibility and customisation. The way I see it, open sourcing is simply a natural progression. By this means, we are able to connect through innovation, fuelling our desire for community and personalisation.

If someone had told the 13 year old version of myself that I had the ability to learn the methods for completely customising my device, I think I would have shrugged and gone back to my Scoobie Strings. Perhaps the extent of my “open sourcing” experience was making up my own versions of the instructions for lego creations


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4 thoughts on “What Do Lego and Android Have In Common?

  1. Hey! I totally agree. It amazes me that primary school kids are learning coding, I wouldn’t even know where to begin. Open source software is a huge break through but when it comes to actually using this open code I put it firmly in the “not for me” basket. We can agree that open code software has exponential potential, but I would have loved to hear you speculate on what this potential may be. Do you think it will be a good thing? Do you believe open code puts us on the edge of a major technological breakthrough? This article gives an interesting look at open source software, asking us the question, is open source the way to freedom? Or a nightmare? https://eduscapes.com/sessions/freedom/

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  2. Hey, I like the angle of your blog post and making me reminisce on past Lego experiences. I also think that what we are capable of today would have sounded ridiculous in the past. Although in my view open source can lead to some serious problems though. Even facebook had its massive problems just before open source became so widespread. Back when you just talked to people about your ideas.

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