Our Personal Brand: It’s called ‘fashun’, honey.

Fashion as a means of self-expression can sometimes be deemed frivolous. What is it really that draws us towards a particular outfit or style of dressing? And is what we wear really a depiction of who we are as a person?


The same questions can be probed for the way we curate our image online. For many, the way we craft ourselves in an online setting is becoming an art form. With an infinite array of filters, hashtags and domains at our fingertips, the ease with which we can aesthetically curate this image is extraordinary. But how closely does this image match with our physical and psychological persona?


In my experience, an online persona simply cannot be investigated in a singular, broad sense. Rather, I believe we present differing personas based on the platform upon which they are projected. For example, a Facebook feed, which is likely to be seen by potential employers, may contain censored material and fitting images. Comparatively, a Snapchat story may exhibit drunken videos from last night’s house party.

The ability to do so is an imperative element for human personalities and development. It’s not just online that this kind of portrayal can be seen: for example, the way which you speak to you friends in person differs significantly from a conversation with your boss.

Source: Buzzfeed

As a whole, online personas are an interesting insight into a person, their beliefs and values. However, it is impossible to gauge an accurate perception of an individual from looking at only a few of these platforms separately.

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Fifth Year Bachelor of Communications and Media/ Bachelor of International Studies (Dean's Scholar) student

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