Thank God for the Telegraph

It’s difficult to think of a feeling more disheartening than someone leaving your cheeky Facebook message on “seen”.

Today’s society is commonly characterised with buzz words such as rapid technological advances, globalisation and high-tech industrial progressions. But the advances we are experiencing today are merely a speck when compared with that of the telegraph, which was arguably the most revolutionary piece of technology ever developed. Prior to the telegram, message delivery was a lengthy and complex process, using primeval methodologies. Beyond that, the telegraph impacted almost every part of society (see here), shaping it to be the place that we know it today.

Next time you’re looking at your phone with an empty pit of sadness forming in your stomach, just imagine how the guy back in 1585 felt waiting to hear back from his girl. Thank God for the telegraph.


Featured Image: “Telegraph” by teofilo, licensed under Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

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5 thoughts on “Thank God for the Telegraph

  1. Hey Susie! Whilst reading your post I found that most of the specific details of the telegraph came from outside sources, so great use of that! However it interrupted the fluency of the post as I had to read up on these other websites and then continue with yours. Overall it was an informing, short and simple post 🙂

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  2. Hi. I think your meme is funny. Love the comparison between us in the present and the guy back in 1585, which clearly supports your topic. The article on “rapid technological advances” that you linked to actually puts forward a negative aspect of the internet revolution, contrasting with your view in the blog. I think it would be clearer if you could provide some of your thoughts on this article after embedding it. In my opinion, we are currently benefiting not directly from the telegraph, but rather from the cyberspace rising from the ground of the telegraph. The telegraph causes a dramatic shift in the world’s information transmission with wires and cables, thereby becoming the basis for the “global nervous system”, eventually the internet – a decentralized, non-linear network. In terms of globalization, the Internet belongs to the “technoscape” dimension, offering high-speed information transmission overcoming previously impervious boundaries and distances.

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  3. This explains the benefits we enjoy today thanks to the telegraph very succinctly and to the point. You also included a visual comparison with FB and the guy reading the letter memes. Those in of themselves encapsulated the advancement. Good work!

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