4 thoughts on ““We Will Build a Great Wall(ed garden)”

  1. Hey really interesting blog post! I have been looking through quite a few blog posts from BCM206 hashtag on Twitter and It’s really interesting that people aren’t presenting their opinion on this idea about walled gardens, we are only really speaking of the benefits… However personally, the fact that this system has my entire personality saved away as data, and I have no control over what happens to that data, scares me. Yes I put it on the internet in the first place, but I also had no idea of the implications when I did put it up there!
    Also, the internet has become such a sensation for communication, so why wouldn’t we use this easy communication device of the internet to network globally?
    Basically, I am trying to say that walled gardens may protect us from the open internet but it doesn’t protect us from the walled garden systems itself.
    Anyhow, great post!

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  2. Hi, your meme on the walled garden successfully reflects one of the key aspects – control of this paradigm. In terms of the role of users in social media, I agree with you that we are the product of Facebook, and the unpaid liquid labour constantly adding value to this site. Facebook, as the iManor, or iFeudal, builds the closed, hierarchical and centralized databases – the walled gardens, in order to gain control over and surveillance of information flows. We users pay the “rent” for using the content with our personal data. You could try to download your individual Facebook data from this site. I have tried to download mine and it consists of all of my activities on this platform and a summary of my personal information. Facebook collecting personal data leads to social sorting. If you are running a Facebook page, you could have a look at the “Post boost” section, particularly the “Create audience” section, you would see that we users are all categorized according to our personal data. This raises the concern over privacy violation, which could be seen through a case of Facebook being suited for mining private messages: http://money.cnn.com/2014/01/03/technology/facebook-privacy-lawsuit/
    So rather than giving us the power to customize our newsfeeds, Facebook is using our data to gain control over how we use the content on this site.

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