A Project in Progress

“Not So Sloppy Seconds” is a website which I have created that gives users the opportunity to browse recipes in accordance with the leftover ingredients they might have in their fridge or pantry. The recipes are categorised under food groups and can also be sorted based on the tagged ingredient that the user chooses.

I commenced this website with the expectation that a small community of users might find value in it, with Australian university students as the primary social target. To establish this target audience, I used bold graphic design and informal language. The recipes are also very cheap and simple in nature and are considerate of time constraints. The ‘leftovers’ element to this site also uncovered a new specialised market for waste-wise cooking and the reduction of food wastage.

Unexpectedly, this project has become an example of non-linear growth on an exponential level. After a post on the reddit thread r/Frugal received 21 000 views, it became apparent that I had tapped into a niche area for affordable cooking with an emphasis on reducing wastage. In particular, a significant amount of website traffic has been coming from the US. This is, I believe, in accordance with the “Food Waste Movement” that began in around 2014 and is currently sweeping though America.

There are currently numerous organisations and companies developing strategies to combat the issue. Klatell and Munn (2016) write that some of these include YieldWise , Food Waste Challenge, James Beard Foundation Food Conference,  Feeding the 5000 Front Range, and many, many more.

In addition, the US government has adopted reduction targets, which I believe are in response to the The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 12.3 – “which calls for halving food waste and reducing food losses globally by 2030” (Klatell & Munn, 2016).

The development and iterations of this site have occurred in a convergent manner across multiple platforms. This has been done in order to broaden exposure and variety of content, as well as receive traffic from a much wider range. The “fragmentation” of audiences is crucial, as it caters to the fact that people “use media in multiple forms to fit everything into their busy lives” (Quinn & Filak, 2005).

Hence, collaboration and growth for this website has occurred significantly online. I have had dozens of recipe contributions from reddit, as well as attaining a free year premium Wix membership with a custom domain. Reddit has played a huge role in promoting my website as well as receiving suggestions and criticism.

I experimented with outsourcing through Fiverr to promote my website and gain more traffic. This was successful to an extent as I received approximately 2000 site views, however this does not necessarily mean the viewers will be returning or using the site often.

I have created a Twitch account which has currently had about 470 views, and have gone live whilst cooking. My streaming is currently of a very poor quality (from iPhone) due to lack of resources but this is something I will work on improving.

I have created YouTube videos which are in a similar style to the popular “Tasty” videos, but again still quite low in quality and will hopefully be improved as my iMovie skills progress.

In conclusion, I am very proud and excited about how this project has developed. The site has just under 10 000 total views and has generally had a positive reception. Looking ahead, I hope to continue to add recipes to establish a significant database of content. I have been approached about potential app development in the future as well which I am excited to pursue.

Feature Image: “Bath & Books” by Jay Cross, licensed under CC Attibution 2.0 Generic

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