Silent Recollections

The central intention for this piece was to capture the quiet, monotonous elements of reminiscence which make up my memories of childhood. These memories are derived from growing up in a very quiet, slow town, and are fundamental in representing where I’m from; who I am.

Rather than focusing on physical location, I have tried to capture emotion through an exploration of different memories. Similar to Yasujiro Ozu’s works, the individual shots have been specifically composed to give a photographic character. When viewed in a sequence (rather than alone) these images give a greater context to my own personal sense of identity.

Manipulating Lumiere remoscope principles, I have used a combination of close up and mid range shots to emphasise important individual details and memories of childhood. Cutting from shots and varying the length of each sequence further conveyed the temporal experience associated with reminiscence. Shooting mostly in soft morning light, I was inspired by the way Alex Behn creates a mood of calmness, comfort and contentment; emotions strongly associated with Where I Am From.

Silent Recollections (Remoscope) from Susie Alderman on Vimeo.

“Where I’m From” – in response to George Ella Lyon’s Poem

I am from mirages on the pavement.
Thin rubber tyres on hot black tar,
and grazed knees.
I am from hand-me-down clothing,
and dusty op-shop shelves.
I am from a quiet Sunday morning,
the early rays catching a glimpse through the venetian blinds;
and a mother with dark circles under her eyes.

The summers aren’t warm where I’m from,
they’re hot.
The stillness of the afternoon is deafening.
Yesterday’s dishes in the sink.
I lay in a sweaty unmade bed and pick at a scab,
the fan is the only one capable of moving.


Featured Image: “Tree” by Alexander Lemke, licensed under Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)


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