Project Peer Review – RecreAte

An awesome critique on my current projects by Riley. I’ll definitely be taking on these suggestions into the future and looking to continue to improve and grow my ventures.

Topical Cyclone

Tracking the “RecreAte” project and its conceptual phases has been interesting for me, watching the growth from a simple and easy food recipe site for University Students, to growing into a food waste initiative focused project, whilst retaining the simple and easy recipes and not shifting the scope entirely, but expanding it to incorporate the new ideas, was a bold move, that I think has paid off.

Whilst I had not seen the project in BCM206, the concept of “Foods that are easy to make for students” was hardly new, the spin of using leftovers was. And whilst that might seem obvious, many people overlook that component of cooking, and by focusing on re-use, you also can reach a wider audience.

By making the core concept simple, eco-friendly food stuff, you carve yourself a small place in the larger food market, by creating what is distinct about your cheap and…

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