Installation Day // Reflection

After what can only be described as a monumental effort, today was the day that I could finally take a step back and see, for the very first time, the completed project in its entirety. I had reached a point in semester where the clock was most definitely ticking, and time was running out toContinue reading “Installation Day // Reflection”

Plastic Waste Management in Asia and Beyond

The past 6 months of this university degree, particularly those spent in the subject BCM320 (Digital Asia, for those reading outside of the university echo-chamber) has been a time of significant personal growth and development when it comes to my approach to research. A concept known as ‘auto-ethnographic research” has become a regular frequenter ofContinue reading “Plastic Waste Management in Asia and Beyond”

“Release Your Mind” – Catalogue Essay: Psychedelic Film Festival

The Psychedelic Film Festival is a hypothetical film festival, pitched as part of an assignment for the subject BCM333. Please watch the film trailer below to give context to this catalogue essay. “The Drug Attitude” was a term once used by Parker Tyler in his notorious denouncement of 1960s experimental cinema, calling out experimental filmmakersContinue reading ““Release Your Mind” – Catalogue Essay: Psychedelic Film Festival”

DIS/CONNECT: on Digital Division & Diasporas

Diasporic media can be broadly defined as media forms which interweave multiple cultural elements to create a production which is relevant and appealing to people from numerous ethnic and cultural backgrounds. According to Khorana (2016), “marginalisation and stereotyping of racialised communities makes diasporic media vital”. Diaspora enables us to “study some of the ways inContinue reading “DIS/CONNECT: on Digital Division & Diasporas”

Urban Farming: The Final Hurrah!

This semester’s auto-ethnographic exploration of urban farming practices and their potential solicitation to Asian populations has been one met with great excitement and eagerness. As discussed in blog posts from previous weeks, Urban Farming is a practice which holds great potential and value for addressing the imminent food crisis at which Asia find itself atContinue reading “Urban Farming: The Final Hurrah!”

First Phase: Experimentation

This week saw my first attempts at experimentation for this semester’s version of the project. I selected a collection of materials from the street where I live, and used these as the medium to try out a number of different laser cut illustration designs. The designs were all edited in the software CoreIDraw. For aContinue reading “First Phase: Experimentation”

Women in ‘Stem’

I’ve grown up around flowers. Whether it were the fresh peony roses on the kitchen table from Mum’s garden, my grandmothers extensive collection of floral-inspired artworks, or the past 7 years spent working as a florist myself, my natural attraction to flora has been something of a continual presence in my life. Throughout history, theContinue reading “Women in ‘Stem’”

Janet Cosh Exhibition

The Berrima District Historical Society describes Janet Cosh as a “quiet and unassuming woman who did much to advance local history and the district’s botanical record”. The respected amateur botanist was born in 1901, and last week I visited an exhibition at the University of Wollongong displaying some of her beautiful specimen collections, botanical records,Continue reading “Janet Cosh Exhibition”

Urban Farming: Part Two

When it comes to auto-ethnography and, in this case, its application to urban farming and food sustainability, Ellis et. al explain the importance of examining research from within one’s personal cultural framework. They argue that “auto-ethnographers… must use personal experience to illustrate facets of cultural experience, and, in so doing, make characteristics of a cultureContinue reading “Urban Farming: Part Two”

Planting the Seeds of Urban Farming

I’ve been at university for coming up to four years now, and during that time one of my most profound realisations is just how much I hate group work. I will admit, however, that this project we are about to embark on is one which excites me greatly, and I’m looking forward to sharing itContinue reading “Planting the Seeds of Urban Farming”