Fiona Hall – Paradisus Terrestris

As I begin this process of design and iteration, I have begun to research different artists who might bring some form of inspiration to this work. This does not necessarily mean to say artists who are laser cutting into leaves and bark, but instead, artists from whom I can draw aesthetic inspiration and ideas from.Continue reading “Fiona Hall – Paradisus Terrestris”

What Eurovision Can Teach Us About Cultural Citizenship

Undoubtedly, the way in which we consume television media in recent years has undergone a dramatic evolution. With the aid of globalisation and the internet, our sense of cultural citizenship has flourished, particularly considering that free to air television, regardless of circumstance or wealth, is generally accessible to most people. In this respect, the publicContinue reading “What Eurovision Can Teach Us About Cultural Citizenship”

Research and Realisations

Auto-ethnography, as described by Anderson (2006), is a highly valuable mode of qualitative research by which authors draw upon personal experience in order to comprehend a greater cultural involvement. He defines the term “analytic auto-ethnography” as referring to “ethnographic work in which the researcher is (1) a full member in the research group or setting,Continue reading “Research and Realisations”

About Quantity; and Quality

How would you define “quality” television? Is it something that makes you laugh? Makes you think? Or perhaps something that’s easy to watch and requires minimal deliberation? In his book “Television’s Second Golden Age”, Thompson (1997) described quality TV as ‘best defined by what it is not’: ‘it is not “regular” TV’. From a scholarlyContinue reading “About Quantity; and Quality”

Initial Thoughts and Iterations

Last session, I experimented with cutting into materials which have not previously been used, pushing the boundaries of what the laser cutter is capable of and testing out what would happen as a result. Things such as leaves, bark and other pieces of natural resources were primarily what I was working with. At the time,Continue reading “Initial Thoughts and Iterations”

Lost in the Stars

It’s my first week back at Uni and I must confess, I’ve been thrown completely in the deep end. An emergency brain surgery last week has set me back a solid amount, but it was perhaps the live tweeting experience during the South Korean film State of Play (2013) that proved a greater challenge, asContinue reading “Lost in the Stars”

Reality Television Remakes: Transnational Television & Cultural Proximity

For as long as I can remember, reality television in our home has been looked upon with such a strong sense of distaste that I’ve never truly developed an appreciation of its potential. The voice of my father grumbling “turn this crap off” at any glimpse of Big Brother or The Bachelor is still soContinue reading “Reality Television Remakes: Transnational Television & Cultural Proximity”

Summing-up a Semester of Sustainable Fashion

The issue of sustainability in fashion is one which holds significant importance when considering the future of the industry and, more broadly, the planet. The increased prevalence of fast fashion, fuelled by the popularisation of online shopping and changing consumer behaviours has meant that the textile industry has become one of the most environmentally degradingContinue reading “Summing-up a Semester of Sustainable Fashion”

The Future is More Than Hover-boards and Robots

Society is constructed on the basis of history. Some of our greatest lessons, learnings and future engagements ascend from events which shaped our past. Yet in a world so driven by emergent technology, connectedness and globalisation, the ability to predict the future through the vehicle of media has become paramount. As Natale (2014) phrases it,Continue reading “The Future is More Than Hover-boards and Robots”

The Art of Iteration

Iterative process, especially in the case of my project, is highly important for an artist to experiment with new ideas and concepts in a manner which is rapid, affordable and valuable. Due to the experimental nature of my project and the use of the laser cutter in a means which has been previously unexplored –Continue reading “The Art of Iteration”