Introducing: The Green Thread

An operational prototype Find The Green Thread website here, and the Lazy Susan Studio Instagram page here. When considering the future of fashion, the necessary steps to ensure the sustainability of the industry and the provision of clothing for the generations to come must be implemented now. As Gordon and Hill explain, “sustainable fashion isContinue reading “Introducing: The Green Thread”

My Two Cents

The commenting process this semester has been particularly useful for me when compared to previous semesters. In the past, I have provided only comments about the good parts of a blog post or pitch, whereas this time, when approaching the contribution of feedback for my peers, I have attempted to be more critical of areasContinue reading “My Two Cents”

Tweet Your Heart Out

Live tweeting is something that I have never previously engaged with and, admittedly, has been a challenging skill to acquire. Comparing my first week of tweeting in Metropolis (1927) with my most recent week, I believe I have improved immensely as I have learned some strategies and techniques in both the planning of tweets asContinue reading “Tweet Your Heart Out”

Laser Meets the Leaf: MEDA301 Proposal

Last Semester, I began a Digital Artefact called Lazy Susan Studio. It was through my involvement with the UOW Makerspace that I was introduced to laser cutting, and I began experimenting with a tool, and software, that I previously had little knowledge of. Research undertaken in related university subjects at the time initiated me toContinue reading “Laser Meets the Leaf: MEDA301 Proposal”

Research Pitch

Research Question/ Introduction: Social media is changing society, in more than just the way we communicate with each other. A novel and emergent technology, the impacts that social media has on populations, communities and their opinions is profound, but also somewhat undiscovered due to its revolutionary nature. Never before in history have we seen aContinue reading “Research Pitch”

Fashion Forward: Digital Artefact Pitch

For the major part of human history, clothing has been hand made and tailored with a purely functional purpose.  Prior to the industrial revolution, textile production was “small scale in home workshops called cottage industries” (Monet, 2017). It wasn’t until the twentieth century that these networks of small tailors gradually evolved into the large scaleContinue reading “Fashion Forward: Digital Artefact Pitch”

The Final Straw: Social Media and the “Individualisation of Responsibility”

I’m scrolling through Facebook when suddenly, a video catches my eye. It’s a turtle with a straw being extracted from its nose, clearly suffering from a significant amount of discomfort. I look down at the smoothie I’m drinking and immediately feel a sense of penitence at the tiny plastic tube protruding from my cup. InContinue reading “The Final Straw: Social Media and the “Individualisation of Responsibility””

Tools, processes, products.

There’s a stark difference between product and process, yet tools are what connects the two. On a day-to-day basis, I use tools to create a physical product. Pliers, scissors a laser cutter and a pen are the physical, tangible tools used in the creation of my work. Their use and purpose is specific, and don’tContinue reading “Tools, processes, products.”

Practise makes… practice

This is my zone. The creative little hub where I spend the majority of my time. My desk is in my bedroom, hidden away from the chaotic racket that a uni share house so often brings. It’s pretty clean at the moment, but usually papers, craft and wooden laser cut creations cover its surface. AndContinue reading “Practise makes… practice”

Placeres Simples / Simple Pleasures

Written for AIM Overseas It’s a freezing cold morning in the south of Spain. A cold snap has ravished the country and while I can’t quite understand the words coming from the TV morning news, the dramatic pictures and loud music make me realise it’s something out of the ordinary. Our beautiful house mother, Ana,Continue reading “Placeres Simples / Simple Pleasures”