Getting Smart About Research

Last week’s blog post was certainly a trip down memory lane, both for myself and my parents. Together we chatted, reminisced, laughed and debated – in space which was very positive and gratifying. Yet while it appeared on the surface I was having a casual chat and catch up with my family, what was happeningContinue reading “Getting Smart About Research”

All Shook Up

Isn’t it funny how whenever things are just starting to relax, become cruisy and unwind, that something unprecedented always happens. Something arises that leaves us feeling anarchic, improvising, with no central plan, no centralised oversight and with no overarching design. Take week 3 of Uni. Up until now I had been gallivanting my way throughContinue reading “All Shook Up”

Square Eyes

It’s 1978 and my parents, both about 13 at the time, sit eagerly in front of their whiz-bang, brand new colour television. Their living rooms are similar – the only television in the house perched in front of a couple of couches and a coffee table. Mum, completely enthralled by the moving colour pixels onContinue reading “Square Eyes”

Thank God for the Telegraph

It’s difficult to think of a feeling more disheartening than someone leaving your cheeky Facebook message on “seen”. Today’s society is commonly characterised with buzz words such as rapid technological advances, globalisation and high-tech industrial progressions. But the advances we are experiencing today are merely a speck when compared with that of the telegraph, whichContinue reading “Thank God for the Telegraph”

Our Personal Brand: It’s called ‘fashun’, honey.

Fashion as a means of self-expression can sometimes be deemed frivolous. What is it really that draws us towards a particular outfit or style of dressing? And is what we wear really a depiction of who we are as a person? The same questions can be probed for the way we curate our image online.Continue reading “Our Personal Brand: It’s called ‘fashun’, honey.”

What Do Lego and Android Have In Common?

It’s been a while since I was in primary school, and naturally things have changed quite a bit since then. In what seems like a world apart, computer coding is now being tutored as a foundational skill that the children of the next generation will find vital the future job market. Without a doubt, weContinue reading “What Do Lego and Android Have In Common?”

The Less You Know The Better

A Chinese milk company has been playing Mind Mischief with popular band Tame Impala this week, after unlawfully using their song in one of their advertisements. Kevin Parker, of the band, refused to see a Half Full Glass (of wine), threatening the company with a “#lawsuit”.  In terms of copyright this really exceeds my Expectation.Continue reading “The Less You Know The Better”

Music as a Torture Mechanism

It’s the most despicable form of remix culture possible: Barney the Dinosaur played on loop     Text: Hate what you hear? You’re not alone. If you’ve heard the first ten seconds of this song and immediately felt as though your ears and mind have been violated, then I’ve successfully achieved what I wanted. AndContinue reading “Music as a Torture Mechanism”