Cultural-Crossover: The Transition Through Diasporic Media

Media, whether it be in the form of newspapers, cinema, internet or the multitude of platforms between, is increasingly becoming a space for the deployment of individualities and communication of interests for groups of minority. Following on from last week’s blog on International Education and its significance, this post will look at the way ‘diasporicContinue reading “Cultural-Crossover: The Transition Through Diasporic Media”

Improving International Involvement

The internationalisation of education has become a highly significant part of Australia’s culture. Not only does the presence of international students have momentous positive economic impacts, they also (more importantly) assist in generating a social and educational experience which is fundamental in the creation of cross cultural relationships and the promotion of multiculturalism. However, inContinue reading “Improving International Involvement”

Rodriguez, Rhythm & Resistance

“Don’t sit and wait Don’t sit and dream Put on a smile Go find a scene“ Throughout history we have seen innumerable occurrences of resistance to political policy, and apartheid is certainly no exception. Enforced by the National Party of South Africa from 1948 to 1994, apartheid was a system of racial segregation which sawContinue reading “Rodriguez, Rhythm & Resistance”

Nollywood: Coming soon to a cinema near you?

Hollywood has forever been at the forefront of cinematic production and distribution, forming a primary sector of western culture and civilisation. You and I would both agree it would be unforeseen to have grown up in modern society without having been exposed to some product of the industry. The sheer scale of production can beContinue reading “Nollywood: Coming soon to a cinema near you?”