Requiem for a Hammock

Requiem for a Hammock from Susie Alderman on Vimeo. Furthering development from my previous pieces, Silent Recollections and Warm Tea, Requiem for a Hammock explores the notion of ‘Where I’m From’ through a gentle reminiscent quality and yearning for the simplicity of the past. The first half of this piece manipulates time and creates aContinue reading “Requiem for a Hammock”

Warm Tea // Soundscape

This piece is a continuation of my first work in response to George Ella Lyon’s poem “Where I’m From”. In this soundscape I have created an aesthetic by exploring and manipulating familiar sound sources to make an introspective textural soundscape. Inspired by the project Subatomic Dreams (2012) by Lanfranco Spadaro, I have edited the work so thatContinue reading “Warm Tea // Soundscape”

Silent Recollections

The central intention for this piece was to capture the quiet, monotonous elements of reminiscence which make up my memories of childhood. These memories are derived from growing up in a very quiet, slow town, and are fundamental in representing where I’m from; who I am. Rather than focusing on physical location, I have triedContinue reading “Silent Recollections”