Contextual Essay – RecreAte

Project Summary: “RecreAte” is a website that I developed last year in BCM206, which began as a project to help first year students who have moved out of home find creative and simple ways to use up the leftover ingredients in their fridge. Since then, it has developed into a food waste initiative, which hasContinue reading “Contextual Essay – RecreAte”

Project Peer Review – RecreAte

Originally posted on Topical Cyclone:
Tracking the “RecreAte” project and its conceptual phases has been interesting for me, watching the growth from a simple and easy food recipe site for University Students, to growing into a food waste initiative focused project, whilst retaining the simple and easy recipes and not shifting the scope entirely, but…

Peer Review – Bec’s Bookshelf

From the onset, Bec’s Bookshelf captured my attention due its unique nature and potential for trajectory. Specialised blogging is, admittedly, rather foreign to me, which is why when my interest was sparked so early on in the semester, I knew there was something exciting happening in this aesthetic little corner of the internet. When consideringContinue reading “Peer Review – Bec’s Bookshelf”