A Project in Progress

“Not So Sloppy Seconds” is a website which I have created that gives users the opportunity to browse recipes in accordance with the leftover ingredients they might have in their fridge or pantry. The recipes are categorised under food groups and can also be sorted based on the tagged ingredient that the user chooses. IContinue reading “A Project in Progress”

Big Brother is Watching You

In the morning, an alarm on my phone wakes me up. I go to the gym, scanning a little chip to let me in at the door. I listen my suggested tracks on Spotify. For lunch, I Google recipes and when I do my groceries, I scan my Visa PayWave and Everyday Rewards Card. IContinue reading “Big Brother is Watching You”

Flash Test Dummies

Have you ever wanted to dress up as a Zombie and dance to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”, with a huge group of people in a public place? Well you’re in luck, because Saturday the 28th October 2017 is THRILL DAY, an annual event whereby “friends, families and other local residents each year join together with thousands ofContinue reading “Flash Test Dummies”

Operator Please

One of the biggest things I remember about school in year 12 was the emphasis teachers placed on sharing our information and knowledge with each other. In doing so, it was believed that we would all learn from each other, pushing our class average up higher and hence scaling our ATARs more effectively. Or somethingContinue reading “Operator Please”

All Shook Up

Isn’t it funny how whenever things are just starting to relax, become cruisy and unwind, that something unprecedented always happens. Something arises that leaves us feeling anarchic, improvising, with no central plan, no centralised oversight and with no overarching design. Take week 3 of Uni. Up until now I had been gallivanting my way throughContinue reading “All Shook Up”