What Mastermind Can Teach Us About… Life?

One of my very first introductions to logic/deduction games ended up being one of my favourite games as a child. Mastermind became a frequent brain workout for my sister and I, as we each took turns carefully formulating a code that would ideally leave the other player defeated. The board set up is extremely simple,Continue reading “What Mastermind Can Teach Us About… Life?”

‘Rubble’ in Paradise

//Concept// The works of Georg Nees have, from the beginning of this subject, been a source of inspiration due to their straight-edged, geometric and mathematical design. Conceptual artist Sol Lewitt famously described, with regard to instructional art, for the product of the artist to be “mentally interesting, yet emotionally dry”. I believe Nees’ computer generatedContinue reading “‘Rubble’ in Paradise”