“Release Your Mind” – Catalogue Essay: Psychedelic Film Festival

The Psychedelic Film Festival is a hypothetical film festival, pitched as part of an assignment for the subject BCM333. Please watch the film trailer below to give context to this catalogue essay. “The Drug Attitude” was a term once used by Parker Tyler in his notorious denouncement of 1960s experimental cinema, calling out experimental filmmakersContinue reading ““Release Your Mind” – Catalogue Essay: Psychedelic Film Festival”

DIS/CONNECT: on Digital Division & Diasporas

Diasporic media can be broadly defined as media forms which interweave multiple cultural elements to create a production which is relevant and appealing to people from numerous ethnic and cultural backgrounds. According to Khorana (2016), “marginalisation and stereotyping of racialised communities makes diasporic media vital”. Diaspora enables us to “study some of the ways inContinue reading “DIS/CONNECT: on Digital Division & Diasporas”

Australian Film Industry: Tell ‘im he’s dreamin’?

I grew up on Australian films, without even really knowing it. In fact it wasn’t until I first saw The Castle (1997) when I was about 15, that I realised where the majority of my parents’ catch phrases came from (I’m talking- “it’s the vibe”… “this is going straight to the pool room”… “how’s theContinue reading “Australian Film Industry: Tell ‘im he’s dreamin’?”

Requiem for a Hammock

Requiem for a Hammock from Susie Alderman on Vimeo. Furthering development from my previous pieces, Silent Recollections and Warm Tea, Requiem for a Hammock explores the notion of ‘Where I’m From’ through a gentle reminiscent quality and yearning for the simplicity of the past. The first half of this piece manipulates time and creates aContinue reading “Requiem for a Hammock”

Circadian Rhythms

Artist Statement: In this work I have explored motion and its relation to the human body by rendering the film to portray circadian rhythms. Circadian rhythms can be best described as the biological processes that drive an endogenous 24 hour cycle between drowsiness and alertness at regular intervals. Working primarily with footage of the human body inContinue reading “Circadian Rhythms”