Planting the Seeds of Urban Farming

I’ve been at university for coming up to four years now, and during that time one of my most profound realisations is just how much I hate group work. I will admit, however, that this project we are about to embark on is one which excites me greatly, and I’m looking forward to sharing itContinue reading “Planting the Seeds of Urban Farming”

Contextual Essay – RecreAte

Project Summary: “RecreAte” is a website that I developed last year in BCM206, which began as a project to help first year students who have moved out of home find creative and simple ways to use up the leftover ingredients in their fridge. Since then, it has developed into a food waste initiative, which hasContinue reading “Contextual Essay – RecreAte”

Research Reflection

This research project has been a highly perceptive and valuable experience. I have learned a great deal about working with people, the challenges associated with academic research, the ethical considerations of research as well as an insight into a passionate area of interest: Food waste. Timing was by far my greatest challenge when undertaking thisContinue reading “Research Reflection”

Students’ Behaviours and Attitudes Towards Food Waste – Opinion Piece

Upon beginning a discussion around the stereotype of a University student, there are a number of images that come to mind. We sleep all day, party throughout the night, frantically cram information the evening before an exam, and have a general carefree and insouciant attitude towards the greater issues of society. When it comes toContinue reading “Students’ Behaviours and Attitudes Towards Food Waste – Opinion Piece”

“Wasting” no time

We’ve reached week 8 which means things in the big world of uni are really starting to heat up. I must admit, I was a little hesitant to check my original time management plan for my research project “Student Behaviours and Attitudes Towards Food Wastage”, with the expectation I was behind the 8 ball. Although,Continue reading ““Wasting” no time”