Summing-up a Semester of Sustainable Fashion

The issue of sustainability in fashion is one which holds significant importance when considering the future of the industry and, more broadly, the planet. The increased prevalence of fast fashion, fuelled by the popularisation of online shopping and changing consumer behaviours has meant that the textile industry has become one of the most environmentally degradingContinue reading “Summing-up a Semester of Sustainable Fashion”

The Future is More Than Hover-boards and Robots

Society is constructed on the basis of history. Some of our greatest lessons, learnings and future engagements ascend from events which shaped our past. Yet in a world so driven by emergent technology, connectedness and globalisation, the ability to predict the future through the vehicle of media has become paramount. As Natale (2014) phrases it,Continue reading “The Future is More Than Hover-boards and Robots”

Fashion Forward: Digital Artefact Pitch

For the major part of human history, clothing has been hand made and tailored with a purely functional purpose.  Prior to the industrial revolution, textile production was “small scale in home workshops called cottage industries” (Monet, 2017). It wasn’t until the twentieth century that these networks of small tailors gradually evolved into the large scaleContinue reading “Fashion Forward: Digital Artefact Pitch”