The instructional artworks created for my project are inspired greatly by the works of Natalie Ratcliffe, who’s work “combines traditional printmaking techniques with contemporary practices such as computer-aided design” (‘Harmony Circus’, 2015). The featured artwork: Woodland Wall Panel was very appealing due to it’s highly texturised nature and collage-like aesthetic. When I was given the taskContinue reading “Step-by-Step”

Getting Smart About Research

Last week’s blog post was certainly a trip down memory lane, both for myself and my parents. Together we chatted, reminisced, laughed and debated – in space which was very positive and gratifying. Yet while it appeared on the surface I was having a casual chat and catch up with my family, what was happeningContinue reading “Getting Smart About Research”

Square Eyes

It’s 1978 and my parents, both about 13 at the time, sit eagerly in front of their whiz-bang, brand new colour television. Their living rooms are similar – the only television in the house perched in front of a couple of couches and a coffee table. Mum, completely enthralled by the moving colour pixels onContinue reading “Square Eyes”

Thank God for the Telegraph

It’s difficult to think of a feeling more disheartening than someone leaving your cheeky Facebook message on “seen”. Today’s society is commonly characterised with buzz words such as rapid technological advances, globalisation and high-tech industrial progressions. But the advances we are experiencing today are merely a speck when compared with that of the telegraph, whichContinue reading “Thank God for the Telegraph”