Project Dossier

Contents: Introduction First Iteration: Guess Who Second Iteration: Boggle Third Iteration: Mastermind Fourth Iteration: Scrabble Conclusion/Reflection Bibliography Additional References 1. Introduction At the conclusion of each of Dr Chris Moore’s lectures this semester we are left with one enduring piece of advice: “Play More Games”. And this semester, for my final digital artefact in myContinue reading “Project Dossier”

Research Reflection

This research project has been a highly perceptive and valuable experience. I have learned a great deal about working with people, the challenges associated with academic research, the ethical considerations of research as well as an insight into a passionate area of interest: Food waste. Timing was by far my greatest challenge when undertaking thisContinue reading “Research Reflection”

WordPress™ (for dummies)

What has worked. What has not. What the heck?  (& Where to from here…) Writing in the public space is something that, prior to University, I had seldom practiced. There is something very daunting about publishing your own work for literally anyone on the internet to read, and it has taken me quite a bitContinue reading “WordPress™ (for dummies)”