Warm Tea // Soundscape

This piece is a continuation of my first work in response to George Ella Lyon’s poem “Where I’m From”. In this soundscape I have created an aesthetic by exploring and manipulating familiar sound sources to make an introspective textural soundscape. Inspired by the project Subatomic Dreams (2012) by Lanfranco Spadaro, I have edited the work so thatContinue reading “Warm Tea // Soundscape”

The Conscience of a Hacker

“Hacking”, as defined by Techopedia, is the “unauthorised intrusion into a computer or a network”. Personally, in the past, the insinuation of the word carried very negative connotations, and was certainly lacking any consideration regarding ethics. Which is why I was fascinated to learn about the “The Hackers Manifesto By The Mentor”, which was “one ofContinue reading “The Conscience of a Hacker”