DIS/CONNECT: on Digital Division & Diasporas

Diasporic media can be broadly defined as media forms which interweave multiple cultural elements to create a production which is relevant and appealing to people from numerous ethnic and cultural backgrounds. According to Khorana (2016), “marginalisation and stereotyping of racialised communities makes diasporic media vital”. Diaspora enables us to “study some of the ways inContinue reading “DIS/CONNECT: on Digital Division & Diasporas”

Placeres Simples / Simple Pleasures

Written for AIM Overseas It’s a freezing cold morning in the south of Spain. A cold snap has ravished the country and while I can’t quite understand the words coming from the TV morning news, the dramatic pictures and loud music make me realise it’s something out of the ordinary. Our beautiful house mother, Ana,Continue reading “Placeres Simples / Simple Pleasures”