Operator Please

One of the biggest things I remember about school in year 12 was the emphasis teachers placed on sharing our information and knowledge with each other. In doing so, it was believed that we would all learn from each other, pushing our class average up higher and hence scaling our ATARs more effectively. Or something like that, I didn’t really get it at the time. It was funny though, prior to then we had always been encouraged to do our own personal best, never look at other people’s work and of course, copying was forbidden.

For almost the entirety of my life on media I have been a user of Apple products. I have written before (here) about this notion of Open Source vs. Closed Source, yet I still can’t give you answer as to why I always come back to the closed comfort of Apple. Surely, with the ability to adapt the product to our own specific needs, modify and refine software and eliminate errors of previous developers, the decision to use an open source device would be unquestionable.

giphy (1)
Perhaps it’s the ease of use, the aesthetic appeal, the engaging marketing campaigns or the deep suppression of knowledge about the horrific factory working conditions that keeps me hooked. What about you?

And speaking of aesthetics, in the meantime, please enjoy this shonky, nostalgic and aesthetic depiction of the evolution Apple products:

Featured Image: “ffff00” by skajimnektoya, licensed under Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

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